1) Life Coaching vs Spiritual Guidance
• Define Coaching
• Define Spiritual Guidance
• A message to our leaders in power – Wake up!
1B) One on one Coaching
• Adult Coaching
• Business & Credit Coaching
2) Spiritual Guidance Services
• Angel Readings
• Ancient Aura Cleansing
• Personal Protection
• Space Clearing
3) Aqua Healing Meditation
• Meditation a form of day dreaming
• Actual Aqua Healing Meditation
4) Our Exclusive Products
• Make it Happen CD
• Transformation Angel Oils
5) Colour and candle therapy
• We grew up with colour, Candles and Prayers
• Preparation for Colour Candle Prayer Rite
• Actual Colour Candle Prayer Rites on offer
6) Personal and/or Professional Relationships
• Ultimate epidemic tragedy
• Information regarding relationships
• Types of codependent relationships
• Relationship Workshops
• Relationship recovery program

Contact us office hrs on: 011 7886325 or 084 7203404.
We are located in Parkhurst Johannesburg.

God, we are gathered here together in your name and we say thank you for loving and guiding us. We love you Lord. Today we ask that you will teach us to love and understand ourselves but also to love and understand other people so we can understand why they do the things they do and why some times they hurt us so.
We ask that you will protect us from negativity and evil but let us understand that most people are good, they do the things they do because they don’t know any better or they just don’t understand the ripple effect of their actions.
But those really wicked and evil open our eyes so we can see them for whom they really are so we can gently move away from them.
Teach them Lord that there is enough for everyone, enough love, prosperity, abundance, all things they don’t have to hurt others to partake of it.
We love you Lord. Amen

Contact us office hrs on: 011 7886325 or 084 7203404.
We are located in Parkhurst Johannesburg.

It is hard to define Spiritual Guidance as there may be a cultural or religious resistance to all healing modalities perceived as 'alternative’ and many of these people will not approach us for healing. However, that who does come and who has prejudges and lack of information we present them with scientific facts. For example did you know that acupuncture, massage or other healing methods releases endorphins and encephalons, those feel good chemicals that your own body releases when you exercise, have good sex or eat good organic chocolate? Or that scientists confirmed with photographic images that all living creatures have an aura or surrounding energy field that is greatly influenced by people, circumstances, situations and illness. Some resistance is fear based.

Again information is useful in relieving your fears coupled with a caring attitude. Linked to resistance based on fear is resistance to the unknown! Scientific facts goes a long way to dissolving such fear and as bodies begin to heal we are presented with opportunities to help them in areas of healing of mind and spirit. Please read information on the subjects that interest you and if still uncertain give us a call or visit our rooms for more information. Somewhere the scriptures were greatly misinterpreted for new and old can compliment each other if we learn to tolerate each other.
The alternative is war and we've had enough wars. Some feel it’s impossible to perceive a destroyer as loving God Creator. We are guided by God and have nothing to do with spirit guides, old or new age movements nor any specific churches.
Contact us office hrs on: 011 7886325 or 084 7203404.
We are located in Parkhurst Johannesburg.