1) Life Coaching vs Spiritual Guidance
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• Define Spiritual Guidance
• A message to our leaders in power – Wake up!
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2) Spiritual Guidance Services
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3) Aqua Healing Meditation
• Meditation a form of day dreaming
• Actual Aqua Healing Meditation
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(3) Aqua Healing Meditation

• Define Meditation Meditative visualization is a form of day dreaming

Find time to remember your favorite nature holiday and dream… We are all looking for love, happiness and personal fulfillment. In so many ways we search pathways and possibilities of life to find satisfaction, yet the happiness that we long for seems somehow elusive. Life then prompts us to look within and find joy in existence that exists independently of the outer things that come and go.
So begins our journey to recovery…
We are spiritual beings
Nothing less than the full blossoming of spirit can finally satisfy us as we turn our gaze within and seek the quiet places of heart and soul. Life is the road, the soul the traveler and infinite the goal. And meditation is the gateway through which we pass to begin our passage. Welcome to the most wonderful journey of all – the journey within…There is power in thought, the outcome, and the deed and in prayer, therefore power in our visualization of healing and elimination of negative energies in or around us.
Learn to Visualise
Do you remember that special holiday, a long time ago……? Describe it, were the trees on the left or the right, where were the hills? Remember the little pathway with long grass and wild flowers next to it… waving in the wind. To see the valleys you must climb mountains and to see mountain tops you must rise into the clouds, but if you seek to understand clouds – you must close your eyes and let the experience take you to a new place!
Through meditation you walk through your memory garden where sinful thoughts are eliminated, allowing happy thoughts to grow. Come find out more how the power of visualisation can help you in your life. Contact us on: 011 7886325 or 084 7203404
We invite you to join us on a spiritual journey
We mingle with other cave dwellers of the heart till we learn we do not have to hide anymore for forgiveness and healing is within our grasp - if we choose the right places to find it. Play soft music; relax for at least 30 minutes every day for the next 30 days to obtain maximum results.

• Actual Aqua Healing Meditation Aqua Meditation represents the safe feeling in your mother’s womb. When our soul travel along life’s road we walk through memory gardens to eliminate bad thoughts so good thoughts can grow.

Contact us on: 011 7886325 or 084 7203404