1) Life Coaching vs Spiritual Guidance
• Define Coaching
• Define Spiritual Guidance
• A message to our leaders in power – Wake up!
1B) One on one Coaching
• Adult Coaching
• Business & Credit Coaching
2) Spiritual Guidance Services
• Angel Reading Consultation
• Ancient Aura Cleansing
• Personal Protection
• Space Clearing
3) Aqua Healing Meditation
• Meditation a form of day dreaming
• Actual Aqua Healing Meditation
4) Our Exclusive Products
• Make it Happen CD
• Transformation Angel Oils
5) Colour and candle therapy
• We grew up with colour, Candles and Prayers
• Preparation for Colour Candle Prayer Rite
• Actual Colour Candle Prayer Rites on offer
6) Personal and/or Professional Relationships
• Ultimate epidemic tragedy
• Information regarding relationships
• Types of codependent relationships
• Relationship Workshops
• Relationship recovery program


(5) Colour and Candle Therapy

• We grew up with Colour, Candles and Prayer Rites

We were in awe when candles lit our way in churches or prayer rooms in honor, prayer and remembrance… Colour therapy is also used in healing, doctor’s rooms, hospitals, advertisements etc. Please do an Aura Cleansing to remove negative energy before you start your Colour Prayer Rite.

Illiminate all negative thoughts from your mind when you start with a candle parayer.
Rather forgive and move on from a destructive person or situation and do an Aura Cleansing and your FREE spell and curse remover and read Psalm 91 every night for seven nights. Read our Spiritual Guidance Prayer till you know it off by heart. God loves us and God is always stronger than evil. Remember this and trust that our loving Creator will bless and protect you and the right positive people will be brought into your life. Learn to think and behave in a positive manner.
Prayer Rites are blessed for you
Do not allow other to touch your Prayer Rite for they will imbue it with their energy therefore rendering it useless to you. You have to be experienced before you heal others Please don’t try to teach others to heal when they ask where and how you became this happy new person. You may still be vulnerable and not ready to become a healer or teacher. Rather motivate them to obtain healing from Spiritual Guidance where the counselors know what they are doing and know how to handle different cases. We offer 10% discount or cash to you for everyone you introduce
To qualify your referral must pay for an Angel Reading plus an Aura Cleansing. May God Creator bless you and may you find the happiness and success that is rightfully yours!
• Preparation for Colour Candle Prayer Rite
Start by making a list of the positive attributes and requirements.
Now visualize it happening. Before and while you do your Prayer Rite concentrate on the purpose of the rite. Meditate to create a calm atmosphere and positive vibrating energy which will eradicate negative energies and imbue the room, atmosphere and candles with your own positive energy. You need colour roses, colour and white candles. Clean the candles Other people with their own ‘stuff’ touch objects we buy and their energies pass onto it therefore wipe candle plus candle holder with clean wet cloth and dry. Pour a bit of clove oil onto your hands and rub together. Hold candle in left hand and use right hand to wipe from centre outwards towards both sides and repeat 3 times; "Cleansed and blessed are thee to perform thy service for me"
For seven days Add our Transformation & Detoxing Bath Salt to your normal daily bath; light a white candle and incense. Let the both burn down completely. Nobody in the house will know you are doing a Prayer Rite Especially if you sometimes spoil yourself with a candle lit bath and soft music.
Don’t despair if anyone touches the candle after you did your Prayer Rite. It will still work because the prayer and intent already went out there! After your bath at your special alone time Read your requirements and know that which you desire through prayer will happen because Creator God wants you to be happy and prosperous. Now light prepared colour candle Repeat Special Prayer Rite that you purchased from us tree times.

• Actual Colour Candle Prayer Rites on offer
* Prosperity/Job Prayer Rite – Green & Orange Prosperity hides itself in thought long before it surrenders to your purse… After examination of ourselves we may find we are indebted to others, pay this debt in order to receive and treat others fairly with respect. Only tyrants call for sweet wine from sour grapes. Know that nobody owes you anything and the seeds of your success will germinate. Believe God wants you to prosper and you will!

* New Love Prayer Rite – Red Faith, Hope and Love!
The greatest of these three is Love for God’s creation and creatures. You friends, family, children and life partner… With love you can apply compassion, respect, longing, patience, regret, surprise and forgiveness, compound them all into one and you will create that wonderful atom which is love.

Remember love like death changes everything so take this Prayer Rite seriously.

You have to let go completely of previous lovers if you want to find new love plus let go of people that don’t want to work through their ‘stuff’. Travel with courage into your inner self and meet your repressed emotional and subconscious monsters in the closet and face the terror of your inner grief and rage till you are able to heal. This grave painful emotional disorder is Codependency.

Learn about codependence by participating in our Relationship Workshops and eliminate that condition if you want to find love and remain happy. Learn that you are not a frog who needs royalty to kiss you in order to awaken you as royalty. You already are but need to accept this royal state of mind.

* Marry Me Prayer Rite – Red and Pink
A great marriage is not so much finding the right person as being the right person. Most people would like to improve their roles as wife, mother, lover and father and are concerned with things they do but we need more than that to sustain a successful relationship.

Procrastination leads to Failure!
Be organized, efficient and get things done! People appreciate order. Tomorrow wake up to a new management plan. You will have more time and accomplish more. Write down a time for yourself each day. Your stress will disappear!! Face things you dislike first thing in the morning when fresh. Begin with number one and stick with it until it’s accomplished. What satisfaction in doing jobs thoroughly and not having to return to it! Attitude is more important than facts.

Your happiness depends on the attitude you decide you will have.

You have the power to lift your self and others so set the atmosphere and are pleasant to live with. Decide on what level you are going to live regardless of the attitudes of others. Learn to master your attitude so YOU can control your emotions plus your behavior.

* Lover please come back Prayer Rite – Red & Orange
Be wise and capitalise on past disappointment and heartbreak.
Make yourself better instead of bitter.
Even if you have a plan for adversity things can go wrong. In the Bible James says ‘When all kinds of trials and temptations crowd into your lives, my brothers don’t resent them as intruders, but welcome them as friends’ God does not do negative things but allows heartbreak so we may learn from our experiences and choices. Actual Prayer Rites are obtainable from our office and include a telephonic or personal 30 minutes consultation.

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