1) Life Coaching vs Spiritual Guidance
• Define Coaching
• Define Spiritual Guidance
• A message to our leaders in power – Wake up!
1B) One on one Coaching
• Adult Coaching
• Business & Credit Coaching
2) Spiritual Guidance Services
• Angel Reading Consultation
• Ancient Aura Cleansing
• Personal Protection
• Space Clearing
3) Aqua Healing Meditation
• Meditation a form of day dreaming
• Actual Aqua Healing Meditation
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5) Colour and candle therapy
• We grew up with colour, Candles and Prayers
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1B) One on one Coaching

• Adult Coaching
We assist you to assess your situation, access and fulfill your purpose and dreams in life.
Wether it is for your personal, financial or career needs.
The key to happiness
The key to happiness lies with the knowledge and acceptance that we need help at some stage of our lives, especially at our own crossroads, and to deny ourselves this help is like denying yourself urgent medical care when your body is gravely ill! Please do not deliberately deny yourself your birthright of a good happy and prosperous life.

Contact Spiritual Guidance and become complete, happy and successful.
Contact us on: 011 7886325 or 084 70203404

Four rules to a better life
* Do not allow anyone to manipulate you and don’t manipulate others
* Do not listen to gossip or gossip about others
* Do not allow people to hurt you and do not hurt others
* Learn to love, respect and appreciate yourself and others Motivate friends to obtain support You pay for healing with time, pain, effort, tears and hard earned cash to attend consultations and workshops to finally become a winner in the worldly game of success and happiness. Yes we can heal and unite our nation Jesus said he’s preparing many different homes for us. Could these homes be for different nationalities, beliefs, colours and genders?

But as arrogant people we choose to believe that our own particular small group in a huge wide world is the only chosen group, and nobody else is chosen or loved by God their Creator. God gave us diversions of gifts There are many divine gifts i.e. Healing, Knowledge, Prophecy, Wisdom, etc. and there are diversities of operations but the same Creator who will have different names in different lands and languages. Tools to assist you We will assist you to like, love and respect yourself. When faced with confrontation speak your truth peacefully and quietly.

The reward will be self-acceptance, confidence and happiness.
Spiritual Guidance is the answer. We assist you to heal your emotional needs and deep hunger for love and a healthy loving relationship.

• Business & Credit Coaching

Marty du Plessis have been involved in Credit for 30 years from painful to pleasant experiences as a Debtors clerk to Senior Credit Manager l understand the necessity of top quality staff. Employing several permanent senior staff members would not be profitable to any company and due to requirements we are limited in our allowed headcount.

This fact creates the need for good temporary staff to help improve credit departments of companies and/or the implementation of procedures if needed.
Agencies owned by ‘sales’ people attempt to supply good Credit Service
However ‘credit’ owners can obviously supply better service and staff to their clients, yet most employment agencies are owned by ‘sales’ people. This has created problems in the market and your own office. Temps are supplied to clear up accounts which are long overdue, in a mess, or full of unsolved claims, and after the accounts have been reconciled the job are supposedly completed.

You maybe pleased but trouble is around the corner
80% of the time accounts slides back into arrears This happens where temps are not employed till all claimed credit is passed, collectable overdue monies are collected while your permanent staff continue with their daily tasks to ensure a back log is not built up again.
Perception that temps do not know what they are doing
Temps are not normally employed till completion of work and collections that is long overdue is made and arrear claims are resolved. You may think you are saving money by letting temps go but you are wasting money because you will have to get them in again and again.

However if work is not completed in full
This means claims investigated and credited, all disputed amounts investigated and solved for payment or credit to establish the true collectable amount due of your debtor’s book, plus… Your money in your bank Collection of those outstanding monies plus ensuring your permanent staff is keeping current collections, claims and disputes up to date for three months. Without doing this a tremendous amount of time and your money is wasted with no actual final results! KAP is owned and managed by highly qualified Credit and Financial People.

We have extensive experience in the corporate environment. We definitely do not consider the completion of a reconciled account as a completed job. The following will definitely happen unless you see experienced project management skills.
a) The carefully reconciled accounts will be in a mess again with un-applied amounts.
b) The old plus new unsolved claims depict a fictitious ageing and collectability of your debtor’s book. c) Within 3 months accounts will again be overdue due to non-payment until old claims are sorted and credited.

This vicious cycle will continuously repeat itself till you employ
Employ ‘old experienced hands’ to eliminate your problems plus train staff so that the cycle does not repeat itself again and again. You should use Key Accounts Projects instead of other agencies because our staff is qualified debtor’s staff plus our fee structure is lower. We only accommodate qualified and experienced staff Staff that proved them selves as valuable employees on previous assignments. Most temps are enlisted with larger agencies and become numbered but our temps feel a sense of belonging and need to clear your debtor’s book up to your and their own satisfaction.

Call Marty du Plessis on 000 000-0000 for more information.
Credit Management is fast changing for most companies their investment in debtors is substantial It is too expensive to allow unskilled collection staff to control this important asset. The prospects for failure of companies through mismanagement of debtors are too great. Management realizes the necessity to train their personnel Credit Management and collections as much as any other has a direct relationship to the company’s profits. Credit is used in the business world to promote a flow of goods and services through the economy.

Credit Sales makes a significant contribution
This however depends on the smooth flow of credit operations. Failure in the collection process causes a ripple effect throughout the chain and places all businesses in the process at risk. Few collectors:
a) Calculate collection targets that was measurable to reflect their contribution to overall corporate objective
b) Know the time value of receivables
c) Understand the importance of prompt collections d) Understand what their objectives are other than to collect overdue accounts We address all the credit issues during our Credit Workshop Credit Management, Collections and/or Credit Control in depth have historically been the least cultivated of all management skills. Yet it should be at the top of your list if you run a healthy company with a healthy cash flow! Visit us for profitable Franchise or Business Opportunities in your area!

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