1) Life Coaching vs Spiritual Guidance
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• Define Spiritual Guidance
• A message to our leaders in power – Wake up!
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(1) Life Coaching vs Spiritual Guidance
Is our Coaching, Guidance or Workshops a Religion or new age related? Neither, it’s a caring profession like any other i.e. nursing sister, dietitian, reflexologist, psychologist etc. However, according to Scot Peck (The road less traveled) New and Old ‘age’ are compatible and can compliment each other for God’s Spirit is within us. See Define Spiritual Guidance.

• Coaching
Marty du Plessis is described as observant and compasionate. She has 10 years experience in corporate senior management, 20 in Credit, 10 in counseling and 5 as motivational speaker. She lectures on Corporate and FMCG Credit, Business Management plus runs her Spiritual Guidance practice where she does private consulting and offers personal and corporate Relationship Workshops.
Marty has an uncanny knowing of what’s happening
‘I have been on television, radio, counseled, motivated and assisted many to heal and some to marry each other again, yet I can not tell you what love is. I can assure you however that love is not abusive, aggressive or dishonest. And unlike the movies, novels and soppy songs love should not hurt! If it hurts you need to work on your issues and if that does not help you either need more work or you need to say goodbye.
Your biggest investment is your life partner
Not your property, business or car.
Why then do we spend less time choosing and maintaining this huge investment that can make or break us? Don’t buy that car if it is rusted and the owner doesn’t want to fix it. Don’t buy that house if it’s got fundamental cracks and the owner doesn’t want to fix it.
It is better to remain single by choice.
Find that person who worked through most of their stuff and is still working through it till he or she is a fairly healthy person, ready for commitment. Soon you will find that special person that suits you, that is free and available to love and respect you and him or her self.
People are starving for understanding, acceptance and appreciation
People crave brotherly love, romantic love and physical evidence of both in their lives. Small gestures of caring is important not empty gifts or words that contradict the giver’s behavior.
Running on empty
In the new world we are running on empty and need to learn how to cope and sustain relationships beneficial to all concerned. Learn how to maintain working and/or loving relationships through Spiritual Guidance. Do it. Phone for your appointment now!

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Marty has a natural gift and the ability to ‘heal the soul’
She has dedicated more than two decades of her life to complimentary healing, practicing and coaching wellness. Years in the corporate jungle taught her that spiritual and personal needs are not met at the office. We work at an office but have to get on with all the different types of people there. Those needs must and will be filled in the home or social environment. That is why networking is important.
Marty contributed to alternative healing in her limited free time but her dream was to fulfill her own life plus the lives of others. During this time Marty accumulated a wealth of knowledge, incorporates a high level of integrity, accountability and ethics in her consulting and training.
Scientists substantiate Alternative Healing
There may be cultural or religious resistance to healing modalities perceived as alternative and some people will not approach us for healing. However, that who does come and who has prejudges and lack of information is presented with scientific facts. Did you know that… Coaching, Meditation, Acupuncture, Tai Chi, Massage or other healing methods release those feel good chemicals endorphins and encephalons into your system?
Feel good.
Your body naturally release these ‘feel good’ when you laugh, exercise, have good sex or eat organic chocolate. Scientists confirmed with photographic images that all living creatures has an aura or surrounding energy field that is greatly influenced by people, circumstances, situations or illness. Some resistance to alternative healing is fear based Therefore information is useful in relieving your fears coupled with a caring attitude towards or from alternative healers or care givers.
There is nothing to fear for we work with your natural energy and simply balance your energy and/or clear or cleanse your aura and or space from negative energies in or around you. You will have immediate relief of anxiety, stress or fear. You will also be better equipped to manage your life in our fast lane modern world. See article on Aura Cleansings. Resistance based on fear is resistance to the unknown Scientific facts goes a long way to dissolving the above fears and as your physical body begin to heal you are presented with opportunities to heal areas of healing of mind and spirit.

Please read information on the subjects that interest you and if still uncertain give us a call and visit our rooms for more information.
Most people believe in God Yet they don’t or can’t attend church due to responsibilities. Yet, New Age Extremists are becoming spiritual quick fix hunters and we now have the same problem. The wise don’t judge but narcissistic people think they know the whole truth and those that believe differently won’t be saved!
Talking to radicals is very unpleasant.
They substitute a punishing god for another form of judgment and if we don’t believe with them we are evil.
Compliment each other.
Somewhere the scriptures were greatly misinterpreted New and old can compliment each other if we learn to tolerate each other. Nobody has ever won an argument or discussion on religion or politics, for we have different beliefs and emotions, and that is good. We had enough war and destruction We have learn to accept each other as people with different beliefs, customs, behavior and nationalities for if we don’t the alternative may be war… and we had enough war and destruction.
God our loving Creator not God the destroyer
According to Scot Peck of ‘The road less traveled’ it’s almost impossible to perceive God Creator as a destroyer. Scot describes God as loving father not as destroyer.
Scot being my mentor and introducor to a better life I urge us all to follow our new rules below.

• A message to leaders in power – Rise to the occasion!

"Let them eat cake…"
Marie Antoinette centuries ago said in her ignorance that ‘if the people don’t have bread they must eat cake’ she lost her head for this remark. Some of our own new ‘aristocrats’ in power should realise before it is too late that our youth is losing hope and the will to study for a good future for there may not be a future except the future of crime. Let them open their eyes and let them realise the danger of the millions of young people that may drag them physically down from their pedestals.
Educate our leaders
Teach them Commerce, Commercial Law and Business Economics so they can understand the ripple effect of their actions and avoid the down swing of our economy causing loss of jobs, hope and respect.
Presidents of organizations with millions in investments.
They own huge businesses, government salaries, properties and luxury cars… yet they sweep the youth up with lies. They will be dragged down too, for the youth I am talking about is an educated youth that can add and subtract. They won’t believe lies for much longer.
We don’t always have to strike to get increases at work!
It is universal commercial practice to budget for your companys income vs expenses every financial year. Therefore our SA companies also budget every year for the increasing of costs in; raw material to manufacture goods, advertising, rent monthly and weekly salaries, staff improvement etc. Unions are the same as companies but their income is the workers monthly contributions. Unions should not exploit workers sensitivity to better income for their own gain by instigating unrealistic expectations. Strikes should still keep the interests of all South Africans in mind. We need esential services to run at all times and we need production to remain competitive with international standards.

The biggest sin committed by our previous and current government?
Education and equal opportunity for all.
Everyone in power turns a blind eye to this fact because it suits them or are they just ignorant? In counseling I see both young men, black and white. The irony is that both want peace and security for their loved ones, their family and children and their country. Our brothers want to be friends with each other They want to trust each other, they want to move one and be safe and happy. But the guys in power won’t let us. It suits them if we strike, fight and hurt each other. It’s averting the people’s attention from the incompetent trial and error of nearly two decades. The powers are feeding on our fear of ‘apartheid’ We can never and don’t ever want to go back there into the dark painful past where people of colour and all women were second grade citizens. Never! Yet we are free but we live in fear and we don’t feel safe.

This is the recipe for major depression and deeper emotional fear that slowly erode our people’s hope of a normal safe and happy life for us, our children and their children. After you educated yourself - Educate us by your example Teach us by the way you as our leaders behave. Teach us by your speeches, honesty and behavior plus tolerance for the other leaders. In the legacy of Nelson Mandela teach us to be more tolerant towards ourselves, our new brothers and sisters and those who think, believe live or dream differently from us.

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