1) Life Coaching vs Spiritual Guidance
• Define Coaching
• Define Spiritual Guidance
• A message to our leaders in power – Wake up!
1B) One on one Coaching
• Adult Coaching
• Business & Credit Coaching
2) Spiritual Guidance Services
• Angel Reading Consultation
• Ancient Aura Cleansing
• Personal Protection
• Space Clearing
3) Aqua Healing Meditation
• Meditation a form of day dreaming
• Actual Aqua Healing Meditation
4) Our Exclusive Products
• Make it Happen CD
• Transformation Angel Oils
5) Colour and candle therapy
• We grew up with colour, Candles and Prayers
• Preparation for Colour Candle Prayer Rite
• Actual Colour Candle Prayer Rites on offer
6) Personal and/or Professional Relationships
• Ultimate epidemic tragedy
• Information regarding relationships
• Types of codependent relationships
• Relationship Workshops
• Relationship recovery program


(4) Our Exclusive Products

The essence of our products create a link between the conscious and subconscious mind alleviating blocks in your energy flow plus invite the Angelic Realm for guidance and protection.
• Make it Happen CD
This CD is a sleep programming that use powerful and proven manifestation techniques and suggestions for maximum subconscious impact, visualization of desires, break limited thoughts, harmful habits and substance abuse accompanied by soothing music and nature sounds. Suggestions are repeated until you’re directed to drift off into a peaceful natural sleep.

You will learn to love and respect you, your body and higher self plus awaken rested, fresh, optimistic and ready for the new day. Beautiful angelic music Blended into this heavenly music are uplifting and motivating suggestions that your subconscious will absorb that will assist you with handling day to day events with minimum stress. Nature sounds and bird song threads through the soothing verbal meditation coaching will have you sleeping through the night.

You will awake refreshed and calm In the morning you will feel rested and calm, ready for your daily tasks. Within 30 days you will feel healthy and happy. You will manage your life and relationships better. You will drink and eat healthier and in time you will move away from any substance or other abuse. This CD will assist you to lose weight while you sleep If overweight you will lose weight easily without chemicals or other harmful starving diets that limit nutrition but increase costly special foods.

• Transformation Angel Oils.
Dot onto your crown, forehead, and throat (Adams apple) roll a drop between your breasts, your navel and start of pubic line. For severe cases dot onto pulse and under the arch of feet plus in the nape of neck (third eye now retracted pertuiety gland). Oils change to accommodate your energy vibration therefore don’t use oil or spray that belongs to others. Shelf life is six months. Please do not roll directly onto clothes of furnishings.
* Upliftment, Love & Friendship
Angel Oil – Pinkish Lilac This oil calms aggression, opens intuition and brings positive purification, wholeness and unconditional love, kindness for higher and physical self and that of others. Release people and relationships and assisting you in moving forward by healing your heart with gentleness towards peace, tranquility and love for the special people in your life. It brings reassurance and appreciation plus awakens and attracts universal love that will touch your soul, bring harmony and comfort. It will release sadness and grief plus balance and calms inner disquiet with a sense of completeness.
Oil can be used with Meditation or Love Prayer Rites for extra vibrational strength.

* Protection, Prosperity & Enlightenment
Angel Oil – Pinkish Orange This vibrating energy oil will stir the spirit into positive action and will build, restore and maintain physical energy plus imbue you with unlimited potential and protection. Opens perception and complete protection for meetings or public speaking plus raise your spirit towards understanding and awareness yet soothe and uplift your body and mind. You will be alert and focused with clarity whatever situation is thrown at you and you will be protected against negative energies therefore minimizing conflict or arguments. It also liberates you and assists you to obtain wisdom from lessons learned from anything that may hold you back in order to soar towards protection, prosperity and enlightenment. Oil can be used with Protection, Space Clearing and Prosperity Prayer Rites for extra vibrational strength.

• Transformation Angel Spray & Bath Crystals
* Space Clearing & Protection Spray.
Blended especially for space clearing and protection calling in guidance, support and love from God Creator and the Angelic Realm. Know that this is so. Spray above the head and allow the angelic protective essential oils and colour therapy to wash through your energy field. Or spray into your car or into the centre of your room, office or meeting room. Please don’t spray directly onto clothes of furnishings.
* Transformation & Detoxing Angel Bath Crystals
This unwashed sea salt and herbal based product support detox and balance of your body and aura plus balance your energy center points (chakras) on a daily basis. It assists with calming and healing your emotions during or after a relationship or work break and/or illness so you can begin the process of releasing towards… Healing the emotional pain of physical dis-ease. Use one desert spoon full with your normal daily bath and meditate on the positive and release the negative of what you don’t need or what doesn’t serve you anymore.

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