1) Life Coaching vs Spiritual Guidance
• Define Coaching
• Define Spiritual Guidance
• A message to our leaders in power – Wake up!
1B) One on one Coaching
• Adult Coaching
• Business & Credit Coaching
2) Spiritual Guidance Services
• Angel Reading Consultation
• Ancient Aura Cleansing
• Personal Protection
• Space Clearing
3) Aqua Healing Meditation
• Meditation a form of day dreaming
• Actual Aqua Healing Meditation
4) Our Exclusive Products
• Make it Happen CD
• Transformation Angel Oils
5) Colour and candle therapy
• We grew up with colour, Candles and Prayers
• Preparation for Colour Candle Prayer Rite
• Actual Colour Candle Prayer Rites on offer
6) Personal and/or Professional Relationships
• Ultimate epidemic tragedy
• Information regarding relationships
• Types of codependent relationships
• Relationship Workshops
• Relationship recovery program


2) Our Other Services

• Angel Reading Consultation

Angels are God’s Messengers that brings goodwill
Angels bring goodwill and information that help us clarify decisions regarding any blocks to happiness and success you may habour regarding your past.

Discern the people in your present’s true motives
Learn whether there may be negative influences that need the assistance of God and the angels to assist you with your self-esteem, relationships, health and career. The angels will help you find inner strength The angels will give inner strength and confidence to eliminate negative influences plus guide you to treat yourself and others with greater love and respect.
When sick you visit a doctor
A medical GP who’ll examine, diagnose then suggest medication, treatment or convalescence. Through angel readings we establish what’s happened, busy happening and can happen for God gives us choices.
We suggest aura cleansing, protection, coaching or a relation workshop.
Angel cards are beautifully illustrated
Like the bible and other holy books angel cards are beautifully illustrated and are a form of guidance, helping you to fulfill your divine purpose on earth plus give you the courage to fulfill this important mission.
The angels teach us
They manifest what we want and enlist our assistance in helping people, animals and plants that are demolished at an alarming rate with the threat of oxygen depletion so you, your children, their children might not survive this real threat of mother earth as we know her today.
Our angel readings are powerful and very accurate
Our accurate angel readings show your probable future based upon your current thought patterns and behavior. You can however alter your future through our guidance by changing your negative thoughts and deeds that attract negative people.
Our Angel cards don’t have negative or frightening images
God and the angels love us very much and don’t want us to be afraid, in pain or depressed. They want to assist us in realizing a bright happy new prosperous future.
Make your personal or telephonic appointment
Contact us today! We consult in person or telephonically and guarantee you will leave our offices feeling better, more equip for the future with hope and love plus appreciation for which you really are and what you can be.

Contact us on: 011 7886325 or 084 7203404

• Ancient Aura Cleansing

Living creatures have a surrounding magnetic energy field
This is called an aura. When we engage with others our energy mingle with theirs, it’s therefore essential to eliminate negative energy which can cause conflict. My grandma and her grandma’s Cleansing Recipe of herbs, spices, minerals, trace elements and plant essential oils is added to your hot bath where it will regulate enzyme activity and perform a vital supportive role in healing body functions, muscle control and electrical impulses that energize lymph drainage, eliminate toxins, deep cleanse your body, aura and balance chakras.
Our Auras absorbs negativity as we live our lives
As we execute daily tasks and rubs shoulders with others and exchange energy. Some people manage their lives with love, kindness or anger and some are dangerous. We meet dads, moms, criminals or victims and our auras become saturated with their energy. We are affected by energies around and within us Our own past hurtful experiences cause tension, disappointment and arguments. It is essential to eliminate negative energy, beliefs and attitudes.
Correct your faulty Aura
Our effective herbal aura cleansing is done over eight days. Help your body detox and eliminate negatives by eating fruit and veggies and drink six glasses of water these 8 days and 30 days thereafter follow a new thought plan to eliminate bad habits and build good ones.
How does an aura absorb negativity?
As we live our lives, executing daily tasks at home, the workplace, doing shopping and rub shoulders with others at the shopping malls we exchange energy with other people, who have their own issues. Some manage their lives with dignity; others with love, some with anger and spite, and some are ruthless or dangerous. We exchange energy with saints, moms, dads, workers, victims, criminals, abusers, rapists and killers and our auras become saturated with negative energy depending on whom we meet, how many times and how close we get to them.
Why do we need an Aura Cleansing?
A healthy Aura attracts happiness and success. Our lives are affected by negative energies around and within us, plus hurtful experiences cause tension, disappointment and arguments, and “self-sabotage” follows.
Before the concrete jungle
Long ago we were in nature frolicking on the beach during the day, picking fruit at sunset when it is cooler and slept under the stars or on the verandah… Nature did our aura cleansing for us but now we need outside assistance.
It is essential to eliminate harmful energies, beliefs and attitudes.
Correct your faulty Aura by an effective herbal aura cleansing that is done over seven days. You will also help your body to detox plus eliminate the negative by eating only fruit and veggies and drink six glasses of water for these seven days. For 30 days thereafter you follow a new “thought plan” to get rid of old bad habits and build new good ones and you will be awarded with self-acceptance, confidence and a happy, successful life. We all need an Aura Cleansing or releasing periodically depending on your lifestyle.
After Cleansing Bath;
Education proceeds from intellectual theories, to spiritual feelings, till finally we reach our creator. To achieve this, meditate on situations and/or wrong things that need to be corrected by God and the Universe, plus the good things you want in your life from now on. Spend more time on the positive, visualise them, and will them to happen!
Spend time with God, the Angels, Guides and Ancestors
Ancestors are our loved ones that passed on and contrary to popular belief our people do not pray to their ancestors. They merely ask them to assist with a problem just like others asks the angels or guides to assist them. Some ask the ancestors to intercede just like some believers ask Mother Mary to assist them.
It is imperative that you follow your Aura Cleansing by a Protection
Protection is done to protect you from negativity. Protection is a surrounding “white light” energy shield that reflects negatives back to originators. Blessings however penetrate and reflect. We are therefore protected plus bless others. Please see ‘Products’
As a token of goodwill
We present R50 cash or discount for every person that you introduce to us, that joins us for a reading and cleansing.

• Personal Protection

Protection is done to protect you from evil or negativity and is a surrounding white light or energy shield that reflects negatives back to originators. Blessings however penetrate and reflect.

We are therefore protected plus we bless others!

Is negativity causing violence and/or abuse?
Absolutely! It is also the reason for our high crime rate our lives are affected by negative events and energies around us, i.e. Hitchcock’s “Psycho” still make those old enough to remember it wary of showering. Our subconscious minds are sponging up information, good and bad, from all sources i.e. television, movies, videos, computer games and other actual events happening around us. Think of gangs fighting in the streets, fear of criminals, the media and news bulletins, what people say and do etc…..
Negative experiences inspire some people to act criminally
In desperation their victims experience anxiety, pain and fear which cause tension, arguments and self sabotage in relationships at home and work.
Our beloved Madiba’s dream of equality and growth
Our respected Madiba and Desmond Tutu dreamed of peace but we have political drama and chaos instead of reconciliation, harping on mistakes of years gone by black and white alike…
Other countries disinvest due to violence
Political and economic pressure and job losses, repossessions of property etc. results in depression, illness and more. When our local heroes and icons don’t agree When our icons don’t agree with our opinions or bad behavior we class them as old and senile. Respect for values is important before we become a people without morals and values!
Our nation needs spiritual and other guidance from care givers like preachers, medical professionals, life coaches and alternative healers.
Healers are also fighting amongst each other
About who is right or wrong, who walks in the dark or light etc….. It is time for these care givers to stop criticizing each other and unite against the evil negativity that is harming our souls and killing our nation.
There is no time for disputes regarding religion, race or creed for we are a desperately sick community that needs urgent healing!
After wars soldiers should be rehabilitated
Soldiers are assisted to deal with the horrors they have seen, experienced or participated themselves. They undergo a period of deprogramming and psychological rehabilitation programs.
Yet after the struggle for freedom
We received none nor did our people who engaged in defending our borders.
We proudly claim ‘not a shot was fired’
Whilst obtaining independence and moving towards a democracy. We forget the continuous shots fired, day after day under the banner of crime. These are shots fired due to negative energy in and around us. We should learn before it is too late to understand our own behavior, plus the behavior of others, our fears and anxiety… and seek help to heal so we can stand up for our birthright; a normal safe and happy life
Please educate all our people
Instead of empty promises please educate people in power and the normal man or woman in the street. us and all our rainbow people so we can apply and do for better jobs or find other legal ways to supplement our incomes.
This can be achieved through guidance
If we are prepared to listen and learn, failing of which we may lose our minds and our lives.

• Space Clearing & Protection

Like our Aura Cleansing our space clearing is an old recipe, especially blended for clearing and protection calling in guidance, support and love from God and the Angelic Realm and know that this is so. Spray once above the head and allow the essential oils and colour therapy to wash through your energy field, or into the air in your car or into the centre of your room, office or meeting room. Please do not spray directly onto clothes of furnishings as the colours may stain.

Contact us on: 011 7886325 or 084 7203404